Shizuko Amano

Shizuko Amano


I want to be a bridge to deepen
exchanges between Japanese
and people from other countries.

Shizuko Amano

Shizuko Amano

I want to be a bridge to deepen exchanges between Japanese
and people from other countries.

Since 1973, I have moved back and forth between Tokyo and New York and have worked for NHK for almost half a century, editing documentaries and producing programs mainly on art, music, English education, and international affairs.

I am grateful for the strong support of NHK, both before and after my move to New York.
In particular, my five years as a local employee at NHK's New York bureau from 1983 to 1988, where I participated in 24-hour international satellite news and HDTV development activities, led to a number of rewarding assignments.
Since returning to Japan in 2007, I have been committed to creating programs related to the arts, english, and international relations in this era of globalization, and am currently involved in planning and producing programs not only in Japan but also in the United States, Europe, and many other Asian countries.

I hope that the establishment of the Japan-US Artistry Advancement Association (JUAAA) will be an opportunity to introduce many works of art to the U.S. and Japan, and to serve as a bridge to deepen exchanges between Japanese and people in other countries, while further developing my pride and identity as a Japanese person.
I would like to work sincerely and wholeheartedly towards my last goal.
Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Japan-US Artistry Advancement Association(JUAAA)
Chairman, Shizuko Amano


Shizuko Amano
Graduated from Seijo University Junior College English Course
1975 - 1982
Film editor for NHK documentaries, including Shin Nihon Kiko (New Journey Japan), Tokuhain Hokoku (Report from Correspondents), NHK Documentary, Kaigai Report (Reports from Overseas), Reportage Nippon (Reportage on Japan), and NHK Tokushu (NHK Special).
Moved to New York City. Studied English and international politics at New York University.
1983 - 1986
Worked as video editor at the NHK New York bureau. Assignments included NC9 and Daitoryo Senkyo (a special program on the presidential election).
In charge of video editing on the U.S. side for NHK special programs on the presidential election in the U.S., including the Republican and Democratic conventions.
Joined New York City based Electric Film Company and set up and managed the company’s Japan division. Responsibilities included NHK documentaries, producing English language instruction programs, research, coordination, interviews, and filming.
1989 - 2007
Established the television program production company East West Television, Inc., in New York, which fulfilled contracts for production of NHK documentaries.
Returned to Japan
Established Office Amano Co., Ltd. as a Japanese company. Currently serving as the representative director and executive producer.

Profile of
founding members

Shizuko Amano (Office Amano Co., Ltd.)
Executive Director
Shinji Saito (Associate Professor, Chairperson of the Online Education Promotion Office at Okayama University)
Tamae Sagi (Curator of Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum)
Honorary Advisor
Hiroko Onoyama
Hiroshi Nishiyama
Mami Karatsu (Attorney at Law, Takagicho Law Office, New York, U.S.)